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business i.t. support

With nearly 40 years of experience, we are able to offer businesses, charities and educational establishments the level of support that they require, either on a per-callout or support contract basis

Server systems

Over the years, we have supplied a variety of different servers from custom-built floor standing systems to rack-mounted 3rd party units from the likes of HP and Dell.

We are able to support both Windows and UNIX/ LINUX based systems for 2 to many users. We can also offer a subscription-based monthly support plan.

If you’d like us to come to your site for a chat, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Networking & Structured Cabling

We are happy to undertake any scale of networking project, from installing an RJ45-based network socket to cabling an entire building and are able to supply all types of networking infrastructure including structured cabling (CAT 5e and 6e), switches, patch panels and a variety of network cabinets.

We’re also happy to carry out site surveys to help you plan any proposed network.

Local and Cloud Data Backup

It’s vitally important for businesses to have a backup strategy for their data. We can supply backup drives and software to help you ensure your digital information is safe from disaster. All our backup systems send a success email to any specified address so we can be ‘in the loop’ if you require, helping us to be proactive in spotting potential problems.

We also offer the same system for cloud rather than removable backup drives, removing the need for members of staff to transport discs on and off the premises.

Data Recovery

Even with the most rigorous data backup system, sometimes the worst happens and a hardware failure robs you of your valuable information. Fear not, we have a variety of methods to retrieve lost data from software solutions to relationships with specialist data retrieval companies who will take your malfunctioning equipment and literally try to lift your data off it.

IT Support Contracts

We are able to provide your business with a fully managed, outsourced, IT support service. We'll look after your IT systems from the word go, providing support as required, for a fixed monthly fee.

Your monthly IT support costs depend on the number of computers, servers and network devices you have along with the type of support plan and Service Level Agreement you require.

Contact us for a chat to discuss your needs.

Computer Security and Cyber Essentials

Ensure your business is protected from malware and viruses by getting in touch with us. We’ll supply and install the leading professional anti-virus and anti-malware software as well as ensuring all the relevant security updates are installed on your systems.

We are also able to help businesses undertake and complete the Government backed Cyber Essentials certification. Verified Cyber Essentials certification allows you to ensure, and more importantly prove, your company’s cyber-security robustness.

WiFi for Accommodation Providers

Does your hotel or guesthouse have a patchy and unreliable WiFi signal? We can offer a number of solutions including MESH wireless networks, signal boosters, Ethernet over ring main and general fault finding. Contact us if you’d like a site visit to discuss your problems or carry out a survey.