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game console repairs

Is your beloved games console on the fritz? No need to pay-out for a new console, contact us and we'll help get you up-and-running again. Our repair services are reasonably priced and as we're gamers, we know what's-what when it comes to consoles of all shapes and sizes

We offer a wide range of repairs for all the popular brands of console, from helping with software issues to replacing broken components.

We also offer micro soldering and most board level repairs.

Our services include assistance with:-

  • Analogue Stick and Controller Faults
  • Button Faults
  • Case Damage
  • DVD Drive Errors
  • Hard Drive Errors
  • HDMI Port Damage
  • Loud Fans
  • Not Reading Games
  • Power Faults
  • Sound Faults
  • USB Port Damage
  • Video Output Faults
  • Wifi + Connectivity Issues

Specific Portable Console services include assistance with:-

  • Camera Faults
  • Charging Faults
  • Docking Station Faults
  • Screen Replacement
  • Touch Screen Replacement
  • Water Damage