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laptop repairs

Our laptop repairs use only high-quality parts and come with a warranty on both parts and labour. From issues with keyboards and touchpads to dealing with liquid spills and drop damage, you can rely on us to deliver a timely, competitively priced repair

Power jack repair and replacement

The power jack on your laptop is one of the areas which receives the most punishment, especially if you move your computer regularly.

Common faults are the port becoming physically damaged or even disconnected from the motherboard.

We offer a full repair and replacement service for power jacks on all brands of laptop and, depending on the brand of the machine, this can sometimes be done same-day.

Laptop upgrades and repairs

Whether it’s more RAM or new SSD hard drive, a replacement keyboard or trackpad, we can help you.

Our workshop has a great deal of experience in diagnosing and replacing faulty hardware and more recently, motherboard components using our state-of-the-art microscopy and soldering equipment.

Our board-level repairs have proven to be highly cost-effective for customers, especially on Apple branded equipment.

Laptop screen replacement

Get your broken or faulty screen replaced by our experts, sometimes on the same day, using quality parts, all supplied with a warranty.

We offer a full range of screen services from replacing the whole panel to repairing malfunctioning circuitry.

We are also willing to undertake physical repairs on such things as screen hinges as we are able to source a wide array of parts from our network of suppliers.

Replacement power supplies

We stock a wide variety of laptop power supplies for most of the popular laptop brands and those we don’t hold in stock, we are able to get next day (for the most part).

All our power supplies are supplied by reputable suppliers, come with a warranty and sourced within the UK

Laptop Health Check

If your laptop is running slowly or crashing, we can help you to diagnose the problem. If it’s your hard drive, we can provide drive replacement and sometimes repairs – don’t worry, we’ll ensure all your treasured data gets copied from old drive to new.

Laptop Security

Ensure your laptop is protected from malware and viruses by getting in touch with us. We’ll supply and install the leading anti-virus and anti-malware software as well as ensuring all the relevant security updates are installed on your system.