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virus removal & security

Have you accidentally clicked a suspicious link or received an unsolicited call from someone claiming to represent a trusted technology company who you’ve allowed to connect to your computer? Contact us for free guidance

We have many years experience in removing viruses. After backing-up your valuable data we’ll use the latest scanning tools, on our diagnostic rig, to purge any suspicious programs and restore your computer back to its normal state.

In the worst cases, we may need to completely reinstall your operating system however we’ll always check with you first before doing this.

Our virus removal and security services include:-

  • Installing the latest anti-virus software, with full updates and complete system scan
  • Malware scan & removal
  • Ransomware removal
  • Rootkit virus scan & removal
  • Spyware/ adware scan & removal
  • Uninstallation of unnecessary bloatware software and toolbars from your system
  • Windows security checks & updates